we are much more than a music producer, we are the house of music.

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We are Humana, unique, simple, intuitive, agile and above all economic digital platform with that human touch that a library would never achieve. A new way to solve a project quickly and with great quality.

We are Treat, the Happy Together area dedicated entirely to the negotiation of rights to soundtracks. That work that nobody wants to do and that nobody does very well, We hug him and put together a business unit that solves all the problems of a process full of problems.

We are Studio, a studio with a unique mood, with stories of great musicians and everything a studio has to have.

Humana Musica | ABOUT 1 Humana Musica | ABOUT 1

All under the umbrella of Happy Together, a group of international musicians who from different parts of the world contribute their talent, experience and sensitivity to the service of brands and content.

We are Buenos Aires, Guayaquil, Bogota, Los Angeles, C.D.M.X and Berlin.

We are much more than 6 cities where we have been offering our services for the production of original music, post-production and sound design, record production and negotiation of soundtrack rights for more than 10 years. We are 6 cultures that are mixed in each project to enhance the musical content we generate.

That's why we are Happy Together, because we believe that one person can do a great job, but many people together amazing.

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